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Founded in the year 2014, our factory has emerged as an exceptional presence in the realm of disposable vape manufacturing. As a subsidiary rooted in the legacy of vape pen pioneers, our journey is deeply intertwined with a tradition of innovation.
Our steadfast dedication to our original principles remains resolute: delivering products of unparalleled quality that elevate the human experience. Our evolution over time has transformed us into a versatile entity, seamlessly weaving together research and development, manufacturing prowess, and the strategic promotion of electronic atomization devices, AI applications, intelligent home appliances, and cross-border e-commerce ventures.

vape factory



our are a company or organization that specializes in electronic vaping and atomization technologies.
our organization has been involved in the field of electronic vaping and atomization technologies for well over a decade.
our vision is to create a world where vaping is joyful, smoke enhances well-being, and life is filled with happiness.
Quality Management: You emphasize the importance of maintaining high-quality standards in your production. Your contemporary production site is dedicated to rigorous quality management.Certifications: Your commitment to excellence is reflected in prominent certifications such as CE, ROHS, GS, TPD,SGS, PSE, and ISO. These certifications serve as evidence of your dedication to meeting international standards.





our company boasts a comprehensive array of advanced machinery, which includes automated assembly lines, laser etching and engraving machines, CNC precision tools, liquid filling machinery, automated labeling systems, thermal calibration equipment, and specialized devices for assessing leakage and vapor emissions.
our emphasize ability to meet the expectations of your global partners. This suggests a focus on international collaboration and a commitment to delivering products that meet international standards and requirements.
Quality Assurance: While you mention quantity, it’s important to highlight your commitment to quality as well. Your machinery and equipment should not only facilitate high production volumes but also ensure the consistency and quality of the products you manufacture.
Customization: i mention our ability to adhere to exacting specifications, which suggests a willingness to work closely with clients to meet your specific needs.

vape factory
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